Tony Hawk Shred Bundle

Tony Hawk Shred Bundle

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You'd have to be a maniac to think that, after putting all that time and effort into the skateboard peripheral for Ride!

This time out, developer Robomodo has made things even bigger with the inclusion of snowboarding in your repertoire. It only takes a few moments of watching the game in action to see which direction Robomodo and Activision have taken with the Hawk series. Faced with competition from EA's skate - a game that tries to simulate the art of skating as closely as possible - the companies have decided to opt for massive, over the top action.

Players won't be limited to bowls and half-pipes - they'll be grinding the top of lighting rigs and massive columns of ice that run through hidden caves while taking air that would make a fighter pilot yelp in fear. Testing out your riding skills on snow and concrete alike, you'll travel from New Orleans to Morocco to Melbourne. The world is your park! With the inclusion of the board, of course, you're closer to the action than ever.

Everything you need to control your character is right there in that piece of kit - no controllers allowed. If that all seems like a bit much at first, don't worry. There's a casual mode that will take care of steering for you while you focus on getting in some sick tricks. From there, the modes are carefully staggered up to 'Hardcore'. Whether you're an urban crusader or a winter warrior, you can get nearer to some massive action with Shred!


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