Boombox Speaker

Boombox Speaker

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Enjoy your favourite tunes whether they are stored on your iPhone, iPod, MP3 player, on SD or USB with this sleek portable Boombox Speaker. Simple to operate, it will play for up to four hours from a single charge and includes an FM Radio for a live listening experience. At only 22cms long, the Boombox Speaker is ultimately portable, small enough to keep your music on the move, stylish enough to fit in almost anywhere at home or in the workplace. With multiple forms of connectivity, including a standard 3.5mm jack, you can play your tunes back using the SD card slot and USB port or through your MP3 player, iPhone and iPod. The Boombox Speaker is the ideal gift for any music lover who wants some headphone free enjoyment of their favourite tracks or FM Radio at home or on the move.

Features: Stylish modern sleek design available in a variety of funky colours. 3W Speakers with Bass radiator. High quality output. Multiple inputs including 3.5mm input, SD Card Slot, USB Port. Rechargeable lithium battery via USB with up to four hours from one charge. Available Colours: Blue, Green, Red, Pink, Silver.

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