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Cloak - Undercover!

Protect - and prop up - your Apple iPad with theÿCloak, a sleek, sturdy case that doubles as a stand! Cloak can be positioned to sit on a flat surface in portrait, landscape and typing stand positions.

Portrait: Fold the Cloak?s front cover behind your iPad and use the larger plastic support brace located on the product?s inside cover to prop up the screen vertically.

Landscape: Open Cloak?s front cover and use it to prop up your iPad screen from behind. The screen can be positioned in different angles using a friction-fit folding mechanism.

Typing Stand: Flip out the smaller plastic support brace on Cloak?s inside cover to prop up your iPad screen at a low landscape angle, ideal for typing.

The Cloak is constructed from non-slip rubber with durable plastic on the hinge mechanisms. It measures approximately 77' x 7.97' x 9.72' and weighs approximately 1.2 pounds. To insert your iPad, just pop it into the front of the case.

Available colours: Black, Blue, Green and Pink.

Product dimensions: 20.8cm x 27.05cm x 4.83cm.


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