Karotz Smart Rabbit - Keychains Nano Flat 4


Karotz Smart Rabbit - Keychains Nano Flat 4

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Each of the 4 Flatnanoz (black, burgundy, green, yellow) launches an application when you pass it in front of Karotz.

Your Flatnanoz come with a sheet of stickers representing all the applications. Choose a sticker to represent the application you've installed. You can change the saved application as often as you wish.

User's guide:

1. Pass your Flatnanoz in front of Karotz.
2. Karotz detects your Flatnanoz. To activate it, you must install an application on your RFID accessory.
3. Download an application.
4. Select the device on which you wish to install it (Karotz, Mirror, etc.)
5. Configure your application by choosing the manual activation mode (RFID) and selecting the accessory on which you wish to install it (default name: Flatnanoz01 - the number depends on how many Flatnanoz you own).
6. Change the name of your RFID accessory in your account / setup.
7. Attach the corresponding application sticker on your Flatnanoz.

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