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Wrapster - Wrangle the Tangle!

WithÿWrapster, you can say goodbye to tangled earbud headphones - we've created the ultimate cord management solution! The Wrapster?s unique design allows you to wrap your cords vertically which means more convenience and less bulk.


  • Slim, modern, compact desing - fits in your pocket!
  • Construvted from durable plastic.
  • Ear bud cords run through two seperated side tubes and wrap around a central bar.
  • When cords are not wrapped up, Wrapster can serve as a stand to hold your 3G or 4G Apple iPhone in landscape mode.

With the Wrapster, you?ll finally be able to wrangle the tangle out of your earbud headphones.

Available in Blue,ÿCharcoal, White and Purple.


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